SC2 Protoss Build Order

ProtossProtoss have a range of different Build Orders.  This is one of the most common and the Protoss build order I use in SC2.  This proven strategy will help protect from an early rush and give you the strongest starting point.

Send the 6 Probes you start with all off  to collect Minerals.  Quickly start creating more Probes until you have 9.

As soon as the 9th Probe is ready set him to build a Pylon.  Once the Pylon is finished send the Probe back to collecting Minerals, and then continue creating Probes.

When your 12th Probe is ready, send him to build a Gateway.  Once the Gateway is finished you should have around 16 Probes if you have been building quickly.  At this point you want to get a Zealot and then build another Pylon.

Once the Protoss Pylon is finished get a Cybernetics Core and roll out some stalkers.  Make sure you keep a steady amount of Probes.
This is the point where your strategy takes over depending on what you are trying to achieve.

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