SC 2 Terran Build Order

Terran Build OrderI find getting a good Terran Build order is the most important part to any good Terran Strategy.

You need to protect yourself from a rush while making sure you maximize all your units.  I am going to share some proven tips that I use when playing with Terran in SC 2, and the most common Terran build order I use.

The Most Common Terran Build Order

Start by building 9 SCV’s.

Tip: Make sure you don’t sit idle and that all of your SCV’s are set to a task when they have been created.  You also need to keep your control centre busy at the start of the game.

As soon as the 9th SCV is ready, build a Supply Depot.  Once the Supply Depot is finished, the 11th SCV will be ready, so get him to build another supply depot straight away.

As soon as the SCV has finished the second Supply Depot, set him building a Barracks and another SCV building a Supply Depot when he comes out.

Top hint: Build your Supply Deports to help block the entrance/ramp, but make sure you leave room for defence, i.e. Bunkers, and Siege Tanks.
Basically you want a wall that will help in defence so you won’t be overrun early, and place your units to defend.

Once your 14th SCV is ready set him to build a Refinery.

After the 14th SCV is ready, don’t backup too many more, because as soon as the Barracks are complete you want to get Orbital Command.

At around this point I always get the Mule to help with economy because at this stage of the game you are a bit short of minerals.

Get some Marines out to defend against any enemies.  When the Refinery is ready, set another 2 SCV’s to start mining gas.

If you really want to get a good defence setup, adding another Barracks will help increase the amount of Marines.  I also like to include 2 Bunkers because they are great for defence.

Now that you have maximized the start you now need to decide what strategy you want to use.
A lot of players will use the MMM (Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs) Strategy. This is a superb strategy to use if you want to CRUSH your enemies.

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