10 Starcraft 2 tips from a pro player

Big Reggie Fils-Aime, the intimidating president of Nintendo of America, may be the King Kong of the gaming industry. But we’re not sure he can out-muscle Geoff “iNcontroL“ Robinson, who hits the gym three hours a day, competes in professional weightlifting events, and can reportedly bench over 500 pounds.

So when Robinson wanted to give us a few exclamation-mark-filled tips on how to get better at Starcraft 2 we said, “Sir, yes sir.” But this guy is no random meathead. The English and history major at Oregon State University is also a former World Cyber Games U.S. Champion in Starcraft. (You might also recognize him from the Syfy reality show WCG Ultimate Gamer, whose second season starts this month.)

He’s been a pro player for five years now, running with Team Genius, so you should probably pay attention to what he has to say. And not just because his protein shakes are tougher than you.

(Note: The following 10 tips aren’t necessarily specific tactics to use in-game. They’re more general tips to help improve your game in the long run. Check out more of Robinson’s tips in part two. Also, check out Starcraft 2’s 10 Coolest Secrets, Stories, and Easter Eggs.)


1. “This is a thinking person’s game. Pursue tips, tricks, and information. Explore the Web and find the community websites! Teamliquid.net, GosuGamers.net, GosuCoaching.com, etc…. One must know how others did it if they want to do it!”

2. “Practice, practice, practice. Real-time strategy demands a lot from gamers. You won’t be successful online against other people that are working to win if you just play it absentmindedly.”

3. “Take care of yourself! It’s fun to go on a burner of 5-10 hours. However, Starcraft 2 is a cerebral game. If you get tired or start to lose focus, your ability to play this game at a higher level will decrease. Log off, do something else, eat right, and be happy!”

4. “Make more harvesters! In order to make the cool units that are fun to play — and lots of them — you must bring in as much money as possible. Keep making those harvesters!”

5. “Spend your money! If you have over 1000 minerals you’re doing something wrong. Use that as a benchmark. If you have 3000 and beyond, you are doing something that much MORE wrong! Make harvesters, make units, make more production-oriented structures, and if all else fails…expand! Just make sure and spend your money.”

6. “Manage your supply! If you can bring in money, spend the money and maintain supply: You will win games. Every time you get within a few supply of your capacity, increase said capacity so you do not get stopped! After a while you will develop the ability to anticipate this at a higher level. Make sure to cultivate that by being aware and working toward the goal of never being supply capped!”

7. “Know your enemy! A lot of this game is about information. Scout your opponent! What are they doing? Where are they doing it? How much do they have? If you know these things, you have a chance to react. As you play Starcraft 2, you will learn the red flags and essentially develop a ‘sense’ for what is about to or could happen.”

8. “Experiment! If something works, tweak it. Try it some more. If something fails, do the same! This is a young game with lots of capabilities. Don’t get fixated on a few tactics because they will eventually bore you, but you may also find you like something else more!”

9. “Play with others! Starcraft 2 is an exciting social event. Facebook integration and other features are built around getting you near and by your friends or people of similar skill in the ladder. Utilize these both for the fun factor but also to help you get better!”

10. “Have fun! As cliché as it sounds, you won’t get anywhere in this game if you aren’t having fun. If it starts to become a chore or something you don’t enjoy, take a breather! Go play a game with a silly tactic. Hop on 3-versus-3 with some friends. Enjoy!”

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