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Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On

Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On 1
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Well gang, it looks like many if not most of us will be hanging out at home a lot more for the foreseeable future.  I’ll have you know I did warn my Beloved about all of that Plague, Inc. she was playing last year.  In all seriousness, I do hope everyone stays safe and calm and healthy.  Since much of the world is in some form of lock-down and many of us are looking at more screen time than expected, I wanted to share some suggestions on how our family is planning to ride out the upcoming season (and how gaming helps.)

In actuality, aside from the kiddos being home for a few weeks, not much is changing at our digs (so far) except fewer visitors.  As with any stretch of time outside the normal pattern, days can start to run together.  One thing that helps immensely is keeping structure and rhythm each day, which can be tough to do when the obvious temptation is just to let everyone stay up all night and sleep in the next day.  Every morning we are still keeping a normal schedule.

One of the first checks on my daily list is a workout on our recumbent exercise bike for about ten miles.  As I’ve referenced before, this is my prime daily video game time; I get a good 45 minutes to an hour, depending on if I let myself play a little more to get to a good stopping point.  I had been playing through How To Survive 2, but a horrible glitch wiped my inventory after many hours of play, so right now I’m working on Control.  I’ve found not every game is great for workouts; I about made myself miserable playing Bloodborne and Dark Souls III because of the required precision, but grindy RPGs or less-intensive action games work well for me, as well as arcade-y racers.

Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On 2
Perfect for a good bike workout.

While our bike has been a mainstay for years, if that’s not your thing I recommend trying a treadmill or hands-free step machine, anything you can get a workout on while safely using your hands to play.  We bought a few cheap exercise devices at Salvation Army and yard sales until we found what we like and eventually upgraded when we proved to ourselves we would stick with it.

If that doesn’t work for you, now is the perfect time to pull back out some old classics like Wii Fit,, one of the many Dance Dance Revolution titles and pads, or one of the countless fitness titles like Yourself! Fitness or EA Sports Active.  Lots of the modern stuff is already sold out but if you can find it, Ring Fit was a hit at our home.  Just Dance and the Zumba titles are good for some folks, and if you have the kits for it Beat Saber and many of the VR boxing games are known for good workouts.  Basically, any daily structured exercise routine that you can stick with is worth it.

Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On 3
I still find dance mats new-in-box at thrift stores from time to time.  Can’t beat the classics.

Speaking of structuring your day, games with daily bonuses are another great method of generating a consistent rhythm.  Over lunch I usually catch up on all of my Words With Friends content, and at night I generally unwind with the daily Tetris 99 challenges.  Tons of games now offer a reason to load up every day, although it can be overwhelming to have too many.  I’m just sticking with these two for now, and they give me an extra boost to look forward to.

Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On 4
Strange, I feel like I’ve seen this image recently…

The current term “social distancing’ makes many a gamer laugh; we’ve been doing it for decades, and it is called XBox Live and PlayStation Network.  As much of an advocate of couch co-op as I am, right now our weekends are a bit more vacant.  Thus, scheduling regular gaming time with friends online means I have a few hours set aside with specific friends every week.  It really helps to know I can still hang out with folks and also not worry as much about the frustration that can come with randomly jumping online.  Right now I have a persistent time of the week I play Halo Wars 2 with a buddy and on a different day and group of friends, we select and play through various co-op campaigns.  Then Friday nights are still open party gaming, like Killing Floor 2Risk of Rain 2, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On 5
Such an easy game to lose a few hours in, alone or with friends.

If you don’t have any online services and have no interest, maybe there is someone in your home that enjoys watching games.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, my Beloved and I pick narrative-heavy games and play together, usually with me at the controls as she makes any decisions the story offers.  Now that the kiddos are older, there are always newly built Mario Maker courses they want us to try or classic shmups to out-score.  The recent release of Dreams has my interest for music creation and my middle son’s interest for sandbox game creation.  And at the suggestion of someone who had yet to complete it, a couple friends and I have been playing Dark Souls where we pass the controller after every bonfire or death.  Games are still keeping our family and friends connected.

Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On 6
Wait…wrong image.  Now I want someone to build the PS One game Dreams in the PS4 Dreams. Talk about incep- nevermind.

Finally, perhaps staying up all night or gaming all day is exactly what you want to do to wait out this particular crazy moment in history.  Most of us have an enormous backlog, so make a list of what to play and jump in!  I’m trying to wrap up a bunch of single player goodies like Shadow Of The Tomb RaiderStar Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderAtelier RyzaLangrisser I&IISlay The SpireWargrooveJourney To The Savage PlanetTwo Point HospitalFrostpunkGreedfallThe Outer Worlds, and that’s just off the top of my head.  I guess if I have to stay in for awhile, the virtual buffet of gaming has never been better.

Tips On Keeping Calm And Gaming On 7
I’ve heard this game can take an hour or two if you are looking to collect everything…

I certainly hope and pray for everyone’s health and safety until we are past this.  In the meantime, take care of yourself and others, stay active, and stay connected to family and friends as much as you can, including your fellow RFGeneration community!


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ZZT’s source code has been reconstructed

It’s an exciting time for both ZZT fans and retrogaming in general. Tim Sweeney’s creaky-but-brilliant 1991 classic ZZT – with its surprisingly robust, creative world editor – has been recreated in Turbo Pascal byte-for-byte by the developer of the terrific Zeta emulator, Adrian Siekierka. This means that many years after the source code for ZZT was lost, an exact recreation of the original executable is finally available, in the form of Reconstruction of ZZT, with Sweeney’s blessing and an MIT software license meaning it’s – at last – a truly open piece of software. An open-source version of ZZT 3.2.

Years of fiddly DOSbox noodlings may well be over; this means that the game can finally be ported natively to all manner of systems – an Android version of Zeta already exists as a proof of concept, and the sky really does seem to be the limit now for where it’ll end up. Any system that’s homebrewed is technically fair game. I’d personally love to play ZZT games on my 3DS.

One of my own worlds, running in Reconstruction of ZZT, running in Zeta.
One of my own worlds, running in Reconstruction of ZZT, running in Zeta.

More excitingly than simple ports, though, are the potential quality of life features and expansions that could now be applied to this most resilient of game engines. Goodness knows the fanbase are certainly committed enough, and hopefully this revelation will ultimately bring many, many more budding designers into the fray. ZZT has always been easy to use and now, given a little time, it will no doubt get even easier and much more expansive. It’s a scene that’s always been characterised by sheer imagination and now with potential barriers to entry about to be lifted, it’s very likely to usher in another “golden age” of ZZT creation, with a brace of new games to download from Dr Dos’ excellent ZZT Museum.. I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll actually finish making a game now.

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Escape for a little while with our Animal Crossing episode

Things seem pretty dark right now, don’t they? A plague is running rampant across the planet, and many governments are failing to take it serious. The economy is collapsing, and everything is canceled. It sucks!

It’s not all bad news, though. Nintendo is releasing a new Animal Crossing game this week, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. If ever the world needed an Animal Crossing, it’s now. But here’s some even better news: You won’t have to wait until Friday to get your Animal Crossing on. You can dive in and enjoy an island vacation… now. With this episode, which spans the nearly 20-year history of the franchise.

It’s a chill conversation, but fully informative. Just as you’d expect from Retronauts.

Escape for a little while with our Animal Crossing episode 8

Thanks once again to Greg Leahy for skillfully editing this episode, to Greg Melo for the artwork, and to Mike Choi for a certain bangin’ piece of music.

Retronauts Episode 285: Animal Crossing
MP3, 48.6 MB | 01:45:30
Direct download | Retronauts on Apple Music | Retronauts on Libsyn

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Crash Bandicoot’s next adventure may be a PS2 throwback

Have you seen the Activision leak? A host of potential upcoming releases have “leaked” from a previously reliable source, and one of them is so mad that I had to write about it. There’s stuff about new Call of Duty, sure. A Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remaster, cool. But apparently their big follow-up to the excellent Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is… er… a remaster of Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, a game nobody likes. Okay, that’s a touch harsh, but Wrath of Cortex? The PS2’s inaugural Crash Bandicoot game widely criticised as a by-the-numbers retread of Crash’s previous-gen outing Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped? Why remind people of that hot mess?

If it’s a “remaster” in the sense that they’re making radical changes to the level design and general game feel, I guess I’d be interested. Let’s face it, I’m probably going to buy it anyway. But if they must give us a do-over of this bad game, I’d like to see them take the opportunity to make it good. Cut or completely remake the tedious underwater stages, rethink the pointless mine cart sections, Coco levels, airplane levels, Monkey Ball rip-off rolling levels… er, about 80% of the game basically would need redoing from scratch.

An extremely poor level from Wrath of Cortex.
An extremely poor level from Wrath of Cortex.

Maybe that’s what’s actually happening. Maybe it’s gonna be Crash 4 the way it always should have been. Ooh, I’m all excited now! I’ve managed to trick myself into being excited about Wrath of Cortex. Great.

Best case scenario; this rumour is completely false and the game won’t happen.

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Today I’m talking about my first experience with the Suikoden series, a JRPG by Konami that features over 100 playable characters. This is a PS1 JRPG that was never on my radar growing up with the system. I’m glad I gave it a shot and am looking forward to playing the sequel in the near future.

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RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 10

The Super Nintendo had an array of great titles, many of which are considered some of the best across all platforms. So when it came to figuring out the best games for the system, it’s no surprise that it was a little top heavy. In fact out of 11 lists submitted, there were a whopping 5 games that were absent from only two lists or less. Compare that with the NES list, where with less lists, only SMB3 could stake the claim.

Comments accompany games whenever possible, reflecting the thoughts of those who submitted them. A big thank you to everyone who participated and left thoughts:

EZ Racer
Disposed Hero

Don’t forget to check the submissions page for all the great SNES titles that didn’t quite make the cut- http://www.rfgeneration.c…m/index.php?topic=19263.0

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 11
Heck of a launch lineup. 4 out of the 5 received significant attention for this list

The Super NES launched with five games in 1991, and continued releasing games until 1998, giving it a licensed library of more than 700 games. Many are still beloved classics, and this was obvious from looking at the lists submitted, as several RFGen members stated how hard it was to narrow down their list to 20.

One final thought, if you like RPG’s…

Honorable Mentions

Publisher- Nintendo (1991) Genre- Platformer 10 lists (#9, #7, #7, #6, #5, #4, #3, #3, #3, #2)
Publisher- Nintendo (1991) Genre- Platformer 10 lists (#9, #7, #7, #6, #5, #4, #3, #3, #3, #2)

27. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

“Some of the best non-linear platforming still to this day! The amazing visuals of this game still look amazing and the charm just emanated off the screen. Nothing feels worse that listening to that screaming baby Mario though so try your best not to get hit.”

26. Star Fox

“Star Fox. Introduced us all to the beloved animal Arwing pilots, we all know and love. Who knew at the time that we needed this quirky…on rails, shooter?”

25. Rock N Roll Racing

“Black Sabbath, Space Aliens, High Speed Hovercrafts, Missiles and crazy tracks covered with cash, weapons and traps make this maybe the best isometric racer of all time.”

24. Street Fighter II Turbo

“Decades later it’s still a top tier fighting game. This is my favorite version on the SNES and one of the best couch multiplayer games ever made.”

“The best way to play Street Fighter on the SNES.”

23. Street Fighter II

“When I got to play this game at a friends house, it blew my mind that you could now play Street Fighter II at home!!! Many great memories associated with this games, so many tournaments after school at friends houses.”

(Together, the Street Fighters would have come in at #13)

22. Kirby’s Dream Course

“Mini golf, but with super powers, dynamic stages and the cuteness of Kirby really endear this game to me. It’s also got a fantastic competitive multiplayer mode.”

“Golf {plus} Kirby = FUN!”

21. Super Mario Kart

“It was the beginning of something good, that would become much better.”

“I had a friend growing up who had to move out of state. So, with no internet and before cell phones, we’d call long distance, set up GP’s, have our TV’s turned way up so we could hear them through the phone, and play our races simultaneously so we could in essence ‘race’ each other. To this day, the first Mario Kart is a worthwhile multiplayer experience.”

So what did make the top 20?

As with the NES list, some basic publishing info is provided. Also, it was amazing to see how the top of the list unfolded, with the top 6 being on nearly every list, and all rankings for those games being 12th or higher.

20. Kirby Super Star

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 12

19. Illusion of GaiaRFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 13

18. F-Zero

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 14

“Probably still my favorite racing game of all time. Though it doesn’t playout in the game, the story via the character descriptions and comic cells located in the manual help stir your imagination as you race against the other characters. Great Mode 7 back drops, and this game has one of the best soundtracks of all time.”

“The first time I played this, I was in awe of how fun and addicting it was. Nearly 30 years later, it’s still one of my favorites. Fantastic speed and controls, with just enough track variation to keep things fresh.”

17. Sim City

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 15

“Probably not the most exciting pick, but man, I spent so many hours playing and perfecting this sim. From natural disasters, to those not so natural, the game really kept me on my toes. Nothing pisses me off more than gridlock!”

“This was the launch game I picked out when I got my SNES. The strangeness of its concept, and creativity of its gameplay, drew me in right away.  I still have never beat all six scenarios.”

“An excellent port of the PC classic with the extra Nintendo polish and charm. Watch out for Bowser!”

16. Super Castlevania IV (95 pts)

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 16

“A fun installment in the Castlevania series. Great boss battles and possibly the first to add a grapling feature to the whip.  The ability to transition from the foreground to the background of certain areas is a nice touch. Did I mention the bosses were cool?  #limpwhipFTW”

15. Super Punch-Out!!

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 17
“Taking the concept of the first game, and improving on it.”

“Boxing perfection! What a great silly cast of characters, being able to tackle each circuit separably makes the game feel a lot more manageable than the first, but the later matches still have the hard as nails challenge to them.”

“Though I’m a bigger fan of Puchout!! on the NES, I have to say that did an incredible job with this follow-up. The quirky, silly characters with their differing abilities are once again features of this game and learning to defend all of their attacks is quite a challenge. While sports titles may not be your thing, this series was and is endearing to even the most finicky non-sportsball gamer. Quite easier than the original, but in my opinion, the last of the great Punchout!! games. Bickman2K sucks at this game!”

“Little Mac is back with a straight out of the 90s haircut. Plenty of characters from both arcade games, the NES title, and a few newcomers take out a bit of the rhythm from the first console version and make you have to adapt a bit more.”

(Note- After giving it consideration, comments were left as is with how they were turned in. Have a feeling there may be a rebuttal coming)

14. ActRaiser

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 18
“An amazing combination of action platforming and city building that have you playing the role of a god that not only saves the town from evil, you then direct the people on how they should rebuild.

“This game is a great blend of Action and Simulation that has never been done before and has never been done again.  A total hidden gem for the Super Nintendo.”

“This one is a little higher on my list, and it might be due to rose-tinted nostalgia. Nostalgia aside, Actraiser still holds up as an innovative hybrid Action/RPG/Sim game. The music is also an example of the SNES best.”

13. Final Fantasy II

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 19
“I got this one for Christmas, around the time of its release. It was amazing as a NA gamer, loving the first FF, then having this as the next offering.

“While this is an unpopular opinion, I believe FF2 is the better JRPG than FF3. The story felt more cohesive and the characters were more fleshed out. Other than that, its about what you’d expect from a Final Fantasy game of the era.”

12. Secret of Evermore

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 20
“I enjoy the fun feel to the game and the fun fake movie references. I think it’s a very underrated game.”

“I first played this title during our playthrough a few years ago. I really love the action adventure elements as opposed to standard turn-based RPGs. Only having one character to control is great, and a canine companion who can be as aggressive as you want him to be in battle is a nice touch. Better than Secret of Mana in my opinion, but I know I am in the minority here.”

11. Secret of Mana

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 21
“One of the most beautiful, colorful, and lush RPGs on the system.  I enjoyed this game from beginning to end and though it’s not my favorite RPG on the system, it still ranks in my Top 10 overall games on th SNES.”

“This game would have probably moved up 4 or 5 spots had I not recently just replayed it on the Switch. It is frustratingly hard. I dont remember it being this difficult, I must have died close to 100 times and I am only at the 4th boss. Have I become that bad at games, or….”

10. Earthbound

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 22
“One of my favorite JRPG of all time.  It was just so different (and still is) compared to all the others.  The setting, humor, and characters were all very enjoyable.  On top of that, the game is balanced incredibly well for the time, cutting down on time spend grinding.  One of the few rpgs I’ve played multiple times, it always feels fresh when playing.”

“An RPG where the battle system is reminiscent of the classics like Dragon Warrior/Quest, the environment is contemporary, and the characters are fairly normal (at first). The dialog that spans the entire game across so many NPCs that have nothing to do with the game ranges from helpful to hilarious. There are many instances where the game not only breaks the fourth wall, but flat out destroys it. The soundtrack is one I can and do listen to outside of the game. Its easily my favorite game of all time on my favorite system ever.”

9. Donkey Kong Country

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 23

“A fun platformer with lots of secrets to explore. The graphics still look good, especially for a cart with no extra hardware like the Super FX chip.”

“It’s really hard to top Mario in the pure platforming department, but this game comes the closest for me. Every stage layout is just great, minecarts are the best, tagging off with a buddy, cool animal friends, and one of the most enduring soundtracks in gaming.”

8. TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 24
“An excellent port of the arcade game. The lack of 4 player is traded off with the Mode 7 effects such as throwing enemies at the screen, new bosses, and other unique features to this version.”

“It’s a TMNT and co-op beat-em-up lovers dream come true”

“There’s a reason so many beat-em ups get compared to this. Good level variety with a fun premise, and just enough difference with the characters that you really did feel like you were playing with your favorite turtle.”

7. Mega Man X (168 pts)

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 25
“A NEW Megaman on a new console! Yes… please!”

“The new Blue Bomber is ready! Stage design where it can matter when you play a level. The ability to search out upgrades in many places to the point of having to just save up lives so you can get the final one is Down Right Fierce…”

“Might still be the pinnacle of 2D action games. Great progression, inspired level design, one of the greatest soundtracks in gaming, and great rewards for exploring each stage.”

6. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 26
“This was a gateway RPG for me. Not in that it simplified RPGs, because it’s just as deep, but because it showed me that you could tell an engaging story with a video game even with source material as thin as Super Mario. It got me to appreciate a genre I had previously shunned and a far deeper appreciation of already well-loved characters.”

“Mario in his first RPG adventure teams Nintendo with Square for a fun romp through the Mushroom Kingdom. Plenty of classic characters, lots of cameos, and a new twist where Save the Princess is only getting you started.”

“Its Mario and it’s Square. ‘Nuff Said.”

“The Super Mario frachise broke new ground with this game and in my opinion, helped expand their longevity by entering the RPG genre.  With the usual cast of characters and enemies that we have grown to love over the years, it was a perfect transition to a genre that the SNES dominated during its time.”

5. Final Fantasy III

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 27
“An even bigger and better jump, from FFII.”

“A HUGE RPG world awaits in this classic Square title. So much to explore. Tons of characters to join your party. Amazing soundtrack!”

“I’m sure this will be high on the list and others with explain its appeal far better than I can. The story, the villain and the main cast are what stand out most to me and to this day are still among the strongest in gaming. That battle theme too!”

“For me, this is one of the greatest RPG’s ever. After giving it some thought, I think what draws me most to it is how it draws you in emotionally. While it overdoes this from time to time, Kefka was the first villian I really wanted to stop. It wasn’t just: ‘stop him because the game says to,’ it was: ‘THIS GUY’S ABSOLUTELY INSANE AND NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN!’ Some of the characters have backstories and development that truly tug at your heart, and overall there are lots of characters with a wide variety of abilities, and a simple, but well fleshed out magic system. A must-play classic.”

4. Chrono Trigger

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 28

“Much like FFIII there isn’t much new to say about Chrono Trigger. Amazing story told over countless lifetimes in an engaging way. New Game (plus) pioneer with multiple endings/reasons to replay. Also has some of the best pacing in RPGs.”

“Square really brings it to this title. Outstanding soundtrack. Time travel that somewhat has cause/effect without too much in the paradox way. Lots of unique characters in the game and plenty of side quests.”

“I got this game a bit later, probably in my mid teens when a friend spoke so highly of it. This is the game that started my RPG obsession, and I believe the first RPG I ever played. After I beat this game I would search lists of other RPGs I could get for the SNES and try to play as many as possible. Before this game I was always into games, but played a bit more casual, never playing for more than an hour here or there. This game was my first all nighter video game session. This game is the reason so many other rpgs appear on this list, if it wasnt for Chrono Trigger I am not sure I would have fell in love with the genre the way I did.”

“This game cost me an arm and a leg when it was released, but it was worth the cost. Time-hopping RPG, with a doomsday villian that made it worth the effort to try and stop. I got a lot of replay out of this as a kid, and can still jump in every few years, for a playthrough.”

“The SNES is an RPG machine and is home to some of my all time favorite RPGs with Chrono Trigger topping that list. The story is compeling, the artwork and design still holds up today, and the music scores are absolutely perfect.”

“I played this game when it came out and still feel like it is the best RPG on the system.  The characters are memorable and the spell cast animations were the best I had ever seen at the time.  Top notch story and top notch game all around.”

“The gameplay, story, music, graphics, everything about this game is incredible. It is my favorite game of all time!”

3. Super Metroid

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 29
“Metroid was the first NES game I ever owned as a kid and this follow-up took the experience to another level. Much less frustrating than the original, incredible items and abilities, and some epic boss fights put this game at the top for me!”

“Favorite in the franchise. Nothing else with the “Metroid” name, comes close to this, for me.”

“Basically invented the “Metroidvania” genre. While it did borrow from some games before it, this is the one that seems to put everything together in a very fun package.  Exploring the environments was so satisfying, trying to track down all the upgrades and the next boss.  This one also gets rid of a lot of the tedium of the NES Metroid, making is a far more pleasant experience.”

“A huge world to explore. Solidified what would become the Metroidvania genre. The original was good, but there were so many great improvements made here that it is simply amazing.”

“I feel like I have to nitpick to finds flaws in this game. Really, playing it can be summed up into 4 words- Best Game Ever, Period.”

2. Super Mario World

“I’m sure this is higher on most people’s list, but alas, there are several games that I enjoy playing more. This is hands down the best Mario game ever made and that says a lot. This is probably the first game that I remember that had hidden areas and a completion percentage and I aboslutely had to 100% it…Star Road be damned.”

“Best Mario game in the franchise IMO, followed by Odyssey.”

“The best Mario game hands down. The classic platforming, combined with all the secrets and challenge made this game something special.  I still feel no other mario game has since captured the magic of this one.”

“Huge levels, a single map that covers every level, secrets galore! Beat the game with as many or as few levels beaten as you want! New power ups, lots of new enemies and level types, and Yoshi!”

“Nintendo taking that tried and true Mario formula and just polishing it further. I appreciate them pulling back on the vast amount of power ups from 3 and keeping a smaller, but refined group to assist you. Yoshi is a true boon to the Mario universe. Secrets seem like a silly thing to be excited about in a game, but Super Mario World does secrets just so dang good, though!”

For how strong the top 6 were, it wasn’t close for #1, as this game appeared on EVERY list with a low rank of #7.

1. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

RFGen Top 20 Games- Super NES Edition 30
It was hard to not put this title at #1 and I used to consider this my favorite Zelda game until I played Link’s Awakening a few years ago. Ranking it #2 is still very high praise as this is a classic, must-own title.”

“For me this is where they perfected the Zelda formula. Amazing puzzles, dungeons, items, music, exploration and story make the world of Hyrule feel just perfect.”

“The best game on the console, IMO and my favourite Zelda game to date, with BotW in a close second. This was also the first game that had me pull an all-nighter.”

“I consider this game to be perfect, and another top 3 video game of all time for me.”

“A masterpiece. Took the world of the first game and greatly expounded on it. The world was relatively open to explore, even as you have an objective lined out in the story. Even as you would explore, you might come across an area where you say to yourself I cant do that now, but Ill have to come back. You WANT to explore and backtrack to be able to see every inch of the world in case you miss something. A large variety of bosses, puzzles that require not just a single room, and the environment that can and does change as you progress.”

A few final thoughts:

Have to say, I was really excited going into this, because for me the Super NES has several of my all-time favorites. Wasn’t disappointed, as the whole month it was fascinating to watch the top 6 bounce around based on the ranks coming in. Personally, it was extremely difficult to narrow my own list down to 20, as I started with about 45 and widdled it down from there.

strongly recommend checking the submissions thread, as there are plenty of classics and lesser-known gems that don’t show up here, but got plenty of love.

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Prinny duology explodes onto Switch

Prinny duology explodes onto Switch 31

Gotta have guts, dood!

It might seem that the cult PSP side-scrollers Prinny: Can I Actually Be the Hero? and its sequel Prinny 2: of (deep sigh) Operation Panties, Dood! are coming to Swap as a twofer entitled Prinny 1+2: Exploded and Reloaded. But another excuse to carry a Viking funeral for my PS Vita.

In the event you’re not conversant in the Prinny video games, they’re spin-offs of the Disgaea sequence of impenetrable technique video games, taking the type of impenetrable platformers as an alternative. It’s like NIS checked out Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts and went “liking it, nevertheless it’s a smidge too straightforward”, as a result of the Prinny sequence is monstrously troublesome. That is fairly the purpose, with the sport supplying you with 1000 Prinnies to deal with the masocore/kaizo influenced phases. Your restricted and stiff motion may be very a lot akin to the aforementioned Capcom traditional; you may transfer, soar and enact a double-jump in mid-air, with strictly mounted trajectory within the air. Enemies and pits are completely in every single place and it may be so demanding that you just’ll positively be taking a very good chunk out of your thousand morose penguins, particularly in your first playthrough. The second recreation is extra of the identical however even tougher and with an unlucky anime fixation on the panties of Disgaea’s foremost “Christ, oh Christ, what even is that this character design” demoness, Etna. Fortunately this may be broadly ignored and the platforming loved fully freed from underwear-adjacent trappings.

Prinny duology explodes onto Switch 32

NIS are claiming “up to date graphics”, however the trailer appears to be like precisely the identical as I bear in mind it on PSP, so we’ll see. In autumn (NOT “fall”) 2020 you’ll be capable to get your Prinny on

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All Our News Are Belong To You: March 2020 Edition

All Our News Are Belong To You: March 2020 Edition 33

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the March 2019 edition of RF Generation’s Site News! In this issue, we give a final thanks to those who supported the fund drive and reveal the total amount donated, announce our April Community Playtrough game, unveil the next game for our site shoot ’em up club, congratualte one of our most beloved members of the site, and of course, thank those members who sent in submissions to our site and registered approvals last month. Thanks for keeping it on Channel 3!

REMEMBER: If you have any news about upcoming events or topics that you think the site needs to hear about, please PM singlebanana and put “RFG Site News” in the subject line.  Who knows, maybe your news will make our front page!


All Our News Are Belong To You: March 2020 Edition 34

I am extremely happy to report that not only did we reach our fund drive goal of $1500.00, but we obliterated it!  In Febraury, we raised a total of $2,057.66 for RF Generation.  I believe that this is the highest amount we have ever raised and we appreciate all of you who help us out last month.  I will be conducting the prize drawing very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the forums for the video. Whew…………….that’s a lot of tickets to fill out!

Members who donated since the last update include:
Dark Watcher & The Video Console Library
EZ Racer
Hollywood Touchdown

Thanks again to all who donated during this fund drive! Your support is very appreciated.



All Our News Are Belong To You: March 2020 Edition 35

In April, Rich and Shawn challenge you to join them in tackling one of the newer titles for the PS4, XBox One, and Windows, Remedy Entertainment’s Control. Control is a 3rd person, action-adventure game in which you work for a secret U.S. government agency tasked with containing and studying phenomena that violate the laws of reality. You play as female protagonist and new FBC (Federal Bureau of Control) director, Jesse Faden, and explore the FBC’s paranormal headquarters to take out a vile enemy known as the Hiss.

In Control, players wield the Service Weapon, a supernatural firearm that can be adapted into a variety of different forms with different combat applications. In addition, Jesse also possesses a variety of supernatural abilities, including telekinesis, levitation, and the ability to control certain enemies. The Service Weapon and Jesse’s abilities both expend Jesse’s energy, necessitating a balance in their usage. The Service Weapon can also be upgraded throughout the game via a skill tree; in order to gain new powers, players must locate various Objects of Power hidden throughout FBC headquarters. Control’s combat system can be customized and balanced to each player’s personal preferences which should make for a fun, individual experience.

In April, get ready for some high-impact action and join the playthrough as we work our way through Control. If you’re playing along, be sure to join our forum HERE and chat with us about the game.


All Our News Are Belong To You: March 2020 Edition 36

The Japanese shooting game scene has long been plentiful with doujin titles. Single developers, or small studios, lovingly craft games they care about, often for little or no profit. One of the more unknown doujin developers is Akiragoya. That may be due to the fact that most of his games, like Galshell, or the Yakouga series of shooters, were released only in Japan, and are of a more “adult” nature, often with nudity, body horror, and grotesque designs inspired by the likes of famed German artist H.R. Giger. To date, only two of Akiragoya’s games have come to the West officially, and commercially. One of those is the more traditional shooting game, Steel Vampire.

Five hundred years have passed since the last war. Humanity has succeeded in eliminating all forms of war, disease, and poverty, bringing about an era of perpetual peace. However, calamity soon strikes! The sudden arrival of flying objects known as Steel Vampires threaten the entirety of mankind’s existence. On the brink of extinction, the fate of mankind has been left to a single person; a man deemed far too dangerous to sustain humanity’s serenity. He was cryogenically frozen–his existence nearly erased from history. His name is… Yoshino Sakurajima.
Join the RF Generation Shmup Club in April 2020, as we play Steel Vampire, available on Steam!


Some of you may know Russ Lyman from his popular YouTube channel, but others, like myself got to know Russ first as a member of RF Generation. Russ has been a long-time member of the site and was recently added to our staff to post videos of his awesome DIY video game related projects.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Russ, you’ll have the experience of meeting one of the kindest and most welcoming people on the planet. His joy is contageous and what you see in his videos is exactly what you get in person. As much joy as Russ brings to everyone else, it’s awesome to see that repaid with some joy in his life. Congratlations on the engagement Russ from all of us here at RF Generation!

(be sure to watch this one of a kind “unboxing” video)



All Our News Are Belong To You: March 2020 Edition 37

In February, site members contributed a total of 857 submissions to our database. Of these additions, 728 were game submissions and 129 were related to hardware items. Of this total, 141 contributions were new images and 134 of these images were game submissions. A big thanks to all who submitted items to our database and to those who reviewed them all for the month of February! We appreciate your efforts in making our database and community a great tool for our users.

Our top submitters (those with a minimum of 50) for February 2020 were:

Schlibby                               208
blcklblskt                             150
Fleabitten                             120
sharp                                      52

Thanks for another great month!

Top approvers for the month included:

Schlibby                                210
Raidou                                     28
Fleabitten                                22

Great work everyone!

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ControlBlock and PowerBlock Support Raspberry Pi 4 and Momentary Buttons

The Raspberry Pi 4 was recently made available and provides various hardware improvements. However, due to minor changes in the boot-up behaviour the former ControlBlock and PowerBlock add-on boards do not work out-of-the-box with the Raspberry Pi 4. But that is fixed!

The firmware of the two boards was refined and even extended such that the new ControlBlock as well as the PowerBlock are both compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4 now.

In case you are looking for a simple way for adding a safe power button to your (retro-gaming) project you will probably have good time with the PowerBlock or the ControlBlock. Both add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi are well supported by RetroPie. They provide a safe power button and a dynamic power status indication via LED.

These two boards just got an update: From now on both, toggle buttons and momentary buttons, can be used with the boards to implement a safe power button. The boards automatically determine the attached button type. In case of an attached momentary button you also have a “hard-off” function: When you press the button for at least 5 seconds the power is cut off regardless of the status of the Raspberry Pi.

PowerBlock and ControlBlock support Raspberry Pi 4 and momentary buttons
PowerBlock and ControlBlock support Raspberry Pi 4 and momentary buttons